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360º Imagery


Corporate Events

Make it rain!

Be it an awards night, Christmas party or conference - we have the perfect team-building, interactive highlight of your event sorted.

With fun props such as money machines, confetti cannons, feather boas, hats, glasses, masks and more - 360 Scene SA are sure to break the ice & help celebrate wins, awards and the close of a successful year with an unforgettable BANG!

Capture the triumphs and celebrations on our revolving 360º video booth to create state-of-the-art, slow-motion video clips to be readily shared! Achieve marketing objectives with your very own video (customised with your branding, special effects and music) ready to post on websites and social media platforms for ultimate next-level brand exposure!

Weddings & Engagements

​With our HD 360º rotating camera, we won't miss a thing!


Whether it be a 360º view of your beautiful gown, your stunning bridal party or your closest loved ones - we've got you covered!

Our professional team will not only deliver a fun highlight of the night, but they'll also supply an array of props tailored to your event, which guests can use to help set the vibe.

Acting as the perfect ice-breaker, our staff will help ensure guests feel comfortable to let their hair down and have some fun  on the platform - striking poses, busting a move and having an absolute blast with our confetti cannons and money machines!

Walk away with multiple timeless keepsakes of yourself and your guests to be cherished and shared forever!

Image by Krys Amon

Club promotions & Parties

Keep the vibe alive and party going for weeks, months, even years, as you re-live the moment each time you play-back and share your very own personalised video clip!


Unlike a stagnant photo, our HD 360º video is sure to capture the ENERGY, lighting & music (ask our friendly team to customise it with song of choice).

Watermark your branding and stamp your logo for unlimited future promotional use!

image 5_edited.jpg
Branding & Launch Parties

Oh hey Adelaide!
Have you been 'Scene' yet on
360 Scene SA???
Looking to create some striking new content?

Take your launch party, branding event or photo shoot to another level with 360 Scene SA!
With room for up to 5 models, be sure to capture all angles of the fashion they're modelling or the product you're showcasing in a HD 360
º degree video - enhanced with special effects & music of choice - ready to share!

Stand out from the crowd with the "IT factor" you have been looking for!


Graduations & Formals

Get in line!

With our high-grade luxury red carpet, solid silver bollards with red rope to match, we're sure to keep students in order and waiting their turn! What we can't promise, however, is the ability to contain their excitement when they see what
360 Scene'SA's video booth can deliver!

Watch students celebrate their years of dedication towards their greatest achievement yet, with a spin on the 360
º degree HD video booth!

Students can capture and cherish their triumphant 'hat-toss' moment beside up to 4-5 of their study buddies.

Watch us as we speed it up and wind it back down to slow-mo for that added special effect
- a truly unforgettable moment!


image 4_edited.jpg
image 3.png


Planning a surprise party for someone special?

Celebrating a milestone birthday?

Looking for that extra special touch to help celebrate YOU and/or that someone special?

Never want the night to end?

Don't let it!

Let us help you capture and preserve the magic in the room, the music and the vibe as we create  an unforgettable memory keepsake of your celebration!

Re-live the moment at the click of a button & and enjoy unlimited shares of your customised HD quality short video showcasing the highlight of the night with YOU as the star!

Bridal Showers
Hens & Bucks Parties

The count down is on to your big day!


Outfits are on point, you and your crew are ready to hit the town to get your groove on one last time before you tie the knot!

Get ready to get loose with our fun props as you take your stance, strike a pose and/or bust a move with your besties and create everlasting memories of a day/night to go down in history!

No matter how bad the hangover - 360 Scene SA will ensure your night remains unforgotten!

With unlimited views and shares, you'll soon be re-living the hilarity and fun of the night with your friends.

Baby Showers & Christenings

That magical time has finally come!

The balloon garlands and/flower walls are up, your impressive cake and centerpieces are all set up, and you are just glowing!

Enjoy our fun collection of props to help break the ice between friends and family members, before diving into the hilarious corny baby shower games with a fun photo shoot on 360 Scene SA's video booth.

You and your guests are all looking fab as they gather around you, hand on your 'baby bump' as we capture one of the most wonderful moments of your life!

Whether it be the anticipation of that special little somebody's arrival, or the celebration of your baby's Christening day, the team at 360 Scene SA are sure to make it your most memorable moment thus far!


With a HD personalised video enhanced with a touching song of choice, you'll walk away with the most precious keepsake to share with family & friends across the globe!

At the touch of a button, you can enjoy unlimited views, shares and posts of your very own, unique, awe-inspiring & heartfelt 6-20 second video, to be cherished forever!

Outdoor Festivals & Events

Whether it be a full 360º of picturesque views, an impressive crowd or the extravaganza of a festival, performance or public event, our professional team are fully equipped with the latest technology to capture the essence of it ALL!

With live customer service to assist with photo shoots of attendees, be sure to capture and gain optimum exposure of the atmosphere in it's entirety!

Solid bollards will be supplied to create a sense of order, as attendees stand in line with anticipation!

Leave a lasting impression and obtain maximum exposure with our ability to customise video clips with music and special effects, which will ensure videos go viral!

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